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the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat

i will fly this hammer and sickle for you
as high as it will go.
i will round up all your ex-lovers
and banish them to gulags forever.
i will have to partake in your five year plan
as i am now red
and i am now proletariat.
for when you were here
i was yours.
but when you left
i became everyone's.

20 May 07

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 — jumpoline

vwery interesting, R. Erotic socialism. The one who is unclaimed or left behind can have delusions of sexual sacrifice. I have known that to happen. I don't think it's Soviet or communist-- I think it's umm....
something else entirely

(everyone's). < apostrophe needed.

I hope you recover. Afflictions last too long. After 20 paintings and/or poems, I am told it is called obsession.

your pale friend,
 — banditfemme

I don't like the look of my

It looks drunk and/or stoned.

I apologize. Sincerely.
 — banditfemme


thank you for your comments and pointing out my grammatical mistake and you are right, it is an obsession. i will never recover.
 — raskolniikov

"Never" is a trickster word, my friend. But perhaps you don't want to recover? That is an entirely other matter. Thank you for allowing my comment to appear elsewhere. I felt like a visitor in a beautiful turn-of-the-century home.
 — banditfemme

Ooo I like this. Very very nicely done. Guess that's all I've got...
 — gem_grrrl

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