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Purr-fect Deception

In white and black and red,
She looked quite soft and sweet;
She blended with the flow’ry drapes,
Her camouflage complete.
Black, tiny, beady eyes
One skinny, too-long tail
A speedy dart across the room
Alas, to no avail!
Miss Predator, the cat
Who called this house her home
Made mincemeat of the humble mouse
That dared step in to roam.
A lesson can be learned
By mice who care to know
That cats exist in colors broad
Including calico!

20 May 07

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quotidian doggerel
 — jumpoline

interesting. I don't feel it flows very well language-wise, but it's quite original and up-lifting.
 — callingcard

I appreciate you both taking the time to read and comment.  LOL---Maybe, at least, the title caught some attention.  
 — PeggyParis

HAHAHAHAHA!  This is one of the funniest recently.  My Katy used to hide her calico self in amongst the Nasturiums and Sun Flowers where you could barely make her out.  
 — Isabelle5

Thanks for finding the humor, Isabelle.  I knew there had to be someone else who could relate to this scenario.  You can't imagine how much I appreciate your taking the time to read and comment.  You've got to love a calico!
 — PeggyParis

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