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Underaged Emotional Pornographers

A girl claimed an uneasy mind.
I portrayed a portrait of a thousand words
and she found only the insulting ones.
She proceeded to plagarize,
Taking my "bitter" words
And burning them to fuel her fire.
Of course, I'm sure I wasn't alone
in my attempt to calm her squalls.
But I realize now that I'm not fond of pedestals.
While I understand that life must be lived,
our mothers failed to mention the ignorance
involved in childhood romance.

20 May 07

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very good. My only suggestion would be to replace "portrayed" with "sketched" or anything else really-- the repetion of "por" along with the "por" in your title is auditory overkill. Did our mothers really fail to do that or did we really not listen?
Perhaps they failed to emphasize it.

This poem compels me to reflect. A good thing indeed.
 — banditfemme

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