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It Wouldn't Torture Sisyphus

A toad is held
so shackled to his genes
- his eyes so beaten
to the shape of life -
that if he squats
with dead flies hung around him
he will starve to death.
It wouldn’t torture Sisyphus
if he didn’t know
the daily grind of flesh
on stone
on mountain
cannot get him higher.
We don’t see our stones.
Today a fly brushed by my face
with urgent and lustrating grace.
It burred away and left my eyes
unscaled - now I see my flies.

19 May 07

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Must be a chuckles poem? "lustrating grace"?
The  poem has a great opening premise.  
S2 is fine also.  This is smart poem.
S3 loses me--I'm not getting the reason why/how
a metaphorical fly suddenly does all that.
BTW, the bufo toad will eat dead flies with relish all day long.
The title is good.  I confess (pardon this) that when the title first hit
my eyes, I read it as "My tortoise has syphilis" or something like that;
it was caught in the poem list (which is a list of flies, so to speak).
I think your poem has great merit.  I wonder if you can make S3 work better.

 — netskyIam

nice poem.
 — hank

I was the fly eaten by the frog eaten by the pike eaten by the fisherman.
This is delightful.
 — banditfemme

Very interesting and Unflat.  Also interesting subject very nicely connected to the toad and Sisyphus.  Good job.
 — Isabelle5

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