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Daily Touches - for angrychick

Of this clay, an Artist formed our bones,
crafted faces individual and distinct,
set genetics into motion.
Of this sea, our blood takes part,
salty and red with oxygen and iron.
On this spinning ball, (such a blue
as we could not imagine
without the miracle of travel into space),
we turn and turn, breathing in
ancient molecules
of Adam, Jesus, Hitler.
We craft our lives from things we
often feel are useless but once the Artist
reaches out to touch His work,
His hand upon our heart resonating
like a shiver that we recognize as Truth,
we see the treasure that is Human,
turning and turning, one dimension over
in this Universe He’s holding in His other hand.

17 May 07

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Beautiful, means such a lot to me at the moment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this truly inspired poem.
Your words speak to me and give me some clarity and meaning, such lovely words they are too.
Thanks for dedicating this to me, I feel God himself was your muse for this spectacular piece of work. You have brought tears of happiness to my eyes. Thanks for caring.
I'm guessing Isabelle?
Absolutely love L11-15
 — angrychick

Yes and Yes and Yes.  Thank you, we are the vessels through which the right words come, we are not the Source.
 — Isabelle5

woohoo!!  go wonderful poetry!!  :)
 — 1994

I couldn't think of a better poetess to write a tribute to, Isabelle!  Angrychick rules!  :-)  The poem is as inspired as the poetess herself!  Love it!  
 — starr

Oops.  I just caught this, Isabelle.  L13 should be "are" useless, where "things" in L12 is in plural form.  Otherwise, a winner written by a winner dedicated to a winner.  Great piece.  Love it.  Starr
 — starr

Good catch, thanks.  All fixed.  
 — Isabelle5

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