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Kyoto Treaty

It happened some time ago, back in Kyoto
A momentous gathering in a nice place to go
The bureaucrats and left wingers were swarming
To take on the topic of (gasp) global warming.
The usual suspects were all there in force
The Greens, the Luddites and Commies, of course.
They hoped that by tapping the first world’s guilt
They might feather their nest with some gold crazy quilt.
It takes a brief a look at the Communist east
To see where the rapists of Earth REALLY feast
The west with its capital large and small
Has efficiency, production, and cleanliness, all
It’s true that per capita, the West uses more
But what is produced comes out with a roar.
China and India are exempted from Kyoto
With Capitalist West shackled head to toe.
So the world wants to kill the golden goose.
Freedom, commerce setting technology loose
Those lefties are simply envious wankers.
Hating us all like we hate our bankers.

15 May 07

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