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autistic boy

down the playground
between my toes
but i like it.
left arm arcing brian
towards the willow, up
i am daring god
to take him
five long years
never said a
single word, still
craps himself.
fifty grand
a year for
silent drool.
at three
he was still cute
running off with toys
flapping like a pelican
chewing on his
sopping sleeve;
now all we get is
the evil eye
out here.
the sun's going down;
i'll kick back soon
catch the hot body contest
on hbo, play with my balls.
i dare my wife to
say something.

15 May 07

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no criticisms of this.  It's gut punch of a poem.  well done!
 — netskyIam

I can only empathize.
Such a heart-wrenching poem,
the guilt, blame, love, confusion..."daring god to take him back", oh how sad.

I know of the flapping pelican, although my 7yr old bird is a different breed.
Thank you for writing,
 — jenakajoffer

thanks for reading netskyiam, jenakajoffer.
 — jumpoline

f-ing awesome!

 — unknown

no nits. just awe.
 — midare

thank you for your kind words, elgecko, midare.
 — jumpoline

L's 28 through 33 are killer.  Very masculinely charged writing.  The images woven throughout are pretty killer too.  I don't know much about autism, but after seeing the movie, "House of Cards," I can sort of imagine.  I'm glad that Jen got to read this too.  I might consider a space between L's 31 & 32.  I think it would separate the two thoughts rather than just leave them jammed together.  Excellent writing.  :-)
 — starr

thank you, starr.
 — jumpoline

Did you have no caps on purpose and if so, for what purpose?  

What a sad poem, how special for this person that you take him for happy outings.  You brought us along to see the struggle as time marches on.
 — Isabelle5

i write with no caps because
a. i am lazy
b. i like the way it looks
c. i like as little punctuation as possible because i think line breaks are king and i like readers to find their own voice without my prodding
d. i think it makes me seem hip like ee cummings

mostly d.

if anyone ever gives you a different answer to that question, i guarantee they are full of horseshit.
 — jumpoline

e.e. cummings wrote some sweet shit.  :-)
 — starr

yes he did.
 — jumpoline

your answers to Isabelle are wonderful,
especially (a). lol
I had to read this poem again,
it means a lot to me to see others write of a topic
so close to my life,
regardless of the differences in severity.
thank you.
 — jenakajoffer

love your boy. children are.
 — jumpoline

hmm my brother's one of these.
 — ruyi

How sad! I understand the frustration and guilt you feel for feeling so frustrated. You put it into poetry well. No crit to give except in L31, what is hbo?
I would ask you to capitalize and punctuate where appropriate but read the answer you gave to Isabelle! Your honesty is refreshing and amusing!
 — angrychick

hbo is home box office a cable channel in the us.
 — jumpoline

Oh. Nothing to say. I love L6-11.
 — skinnyJon

appreciate your words.
 — jumpoline

three days ago this poem made me start writing something.

one thousand words later, here am i to comment. it is a high art. this one furthers the greater good because someone somewhere was in a lot of pain and it may not have been you at all, but it didnt go to waste, the pain. dassall. tanks.
 — OKcomputer

Something all of the thirteen year old poets on this site can apperciate...
 — unknown

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