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Contradicting lover

I’ll sink to the bottom,
Maybe float to the top
I held up a building,
Let it go and watch it drop
Your crying is like thunder
But resounds like rain
Screams impact like a bullet to the brain.
I’m not listening to you
But so content do I hear
Hating every second that you are standing near
The thoughts in my mind
Not ever to be defined
But so simple and pure
As you see a blur,
Contradictions of love,
My life, I’m dying
It’s not heartache that kills us,
It’s the distrust that comes
Wrong my self,
Right my brain
I’ll breath in again though its not the same
No need to wait,
I’m already running
Refuse to stand as I’m gasping for air
Contemplating bruises for that awful dare
May I take your hand and lead you
As we walk miles apart
Already to the finish, now go back to the start
Who could have a lover
With thoughts like these
She’s just pulling at the chains
Wishing to be free.

15 May 07

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