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Joy of Life

To people all around us,
Who are part of one great throng;
In a world of sin and sorrows,
And are void of joy and song,
Does it seem life has no meaning,
And the road is rough and hard?
Can't you see true riches gleaming,
Or the final great reward?
Would you change your situation
As a great success prelude?
Do not change your place or station,
Just your gloomy attitude.
There are people with riches plenty,
And unhappy as can be.
There are others who are happy,
While they live in poverty.
Would you know the joy of living,
As you go from day to day?
You could try the art of giving
To the poor along life's way.
If you have no goods to offer,
And your earthly store is low,
You can visit those who suffer,
And spread sunshine here below.

6 May 07

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For a poem filled with so much supposed compassion and that preaches being good to others, Jerry Reed, you perplex me.  People don't "suffer" when you write rude remarks about their poetry.  You don't know them, so you don't know the degrees of their hurting.  Time to "spread sunshine here below."  I pity people like you.  Ask yourself why you take so much joy in treating others like shit, look in the mirror and answer the question.
 — starr

This is very nice, I began to think of you as a great person and then I read over Starr's comment and I was somewhat consumed with confusion. I want to know you, whether you are as your writing suggests. Right now, I'm not so sure
 — unknown

Jerry Reed is stupid.
 — unknown

Good work for an idiot.
 — unknown

That starr dude needs his ass beat. I wouldn't let him talk that way to me.
 — unknown

Did you really write this?
 — unknown