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i used to think anger was a weakness

the adults
over razor-nick
i couldn't understand
i pegged it for
a lack
of class.
then i came up against eight hour jobs
sometimes twelve hours
car needs an oil change
a license plate
the right colored sticker on the license plate
or the cops will pull you over
the tire is flat
the lug-nut seized
sump-pump backed up
handle fell off the screen door
lawn-mower needs a new spark-plug
wife rides your ass for drinking
and the mother in law pulls you aside at easter dinner
gives you a failing grade.
as the last few sparks of my solitude
and individual magic
were pecked and gnawed
ground null
by the vultures.
as the oily fuckers
of circumstance
had me vice-tight
by the nut-sack.
i felt
the paper dragon
inside of me
wanting to strike back.
but i became
a third generation

5 May 07

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Wow.  Powerful.  I've heard it said there is a reason liquor is called 'spirits'.  Great writing and wonderful honesty.  Thanks for the read.
 — CervusWright

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