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Photography Rants

and I'm just standing there
hugging a complete stranger
and I tell him, "It's so hard to let go."
He tells me, "Then don't."
in the dark room
you don't see them
you only feel them.
he fell asleep next to me.
my friend exclaims, "Look!  It's
G-String Sonata!" and hands me a
nude photography book.
I look, laugh, and say "What a piece!"
in the dark room
you turn sort of sepia
you use your eye muscles to turn
yourself into a negative image.
It's so hard to let go of those you love.
It's like every moment you're
not with them you are
getting further apart and
before you know it, you're hugging a complete stranger.

4 May 07

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private life of troglodytes. probably have the radio on to FM Oldies.
 — unknown

I enjoyed this.  Especially lines 13-16.  I'm just kind a an imagery person.

And photograpy is, indeed, imagery.

 — Aziel

sepia is beautiful
and so is this poem.

I'm taken with your


and such.
 — banditfemme

13 - 16 are yes, great.
have to love it cause it's about photography,
but do not agree with lines 17 - 21 at all.
and didn't get 9 - 12.
 — photobooth

Lines 9-12 have to do with my "friend" who was looking at a nude photography book outside the darkroom, and he laughed at one of the photograph's titles, which was called "G-string Sonata."  The picture had a guy and a woman, and the guy was pulling down the woman's pants while she wrapped her arms around him, and she was wearing a G-string underneath.  The title is a pun, because a guitar has a G-string, and it is therefore associated with music.  I hope you get it now.

Why don't you agree with lines 17-21?  I'm interested.
Thanks for your comments.  I really appreciate them!  (;
 — ducktape

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