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Our choices
hold us fast and tight to all
this great communication,
her choices open, overall.
The blanks, the call
we wait for
leading you through as we tread
paths where the forgotten grows
and stirring hers, treading those
she changes, your mind as she
makes choices open overall
of all our dreams before they fall,
over spilt tears, the buying
once, what you will be, the crying
path through clouds, or what you were,
if you think you can see her.
If you
drop to the shallow-end, she'll
age with your places and friends;
if you know that, you're lying.
So she changes her face,
as you hold fast and tight to
all this great communication.
If you know that you're lying,
you'd expect these to pall, you
know that, and you know what to do -
or rise to the top.
All this great
communication, now,
and she changes to face it.

4 May 07

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