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Last Love

I am a heartbeat
caught under Love’s wing.
Silence envelops
rather than threatens
and we are one wisp,
floating on Time’s hand.
I am a beam of light
caught in a camera’s eye,
breaking into rainbows
on a drop of water.
Here we are,
caught under Life’s umbrella,
both gripping the handle,
both fighting the wind,
concerned that should we
get separated, nothing
of us will survive
but I am a heartbeat
caught beneath your ribs.
Where I go,
you are my map.
When you breathe,
my lungs expand.

4 May 07

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Really great. The last two lines are exceptional. My only suggestion would be to possibly rethink L20 & L21, as they are a bit too cliched for such a strong piece.
 — DrakeScott

Thanks, Drake.  I changed it a bit but still trying to find the perfect way to say it.  
 — unknown

please another romance novel creation by mother hen isabelle
 — unknown

well since it has my name... i have lost the right to go gaga over it... so i would simply appreciate the effort and i thank the author from the bottom of my heart.

Let the critics judge this heartfelt.
 — trochee

not the lungs expand
the clique expands
 — unknown

Jealousy, thy name is Unknown.
 — unknown

do not equate jealousy with amateur acts. and isabelle stop being unknown. i thought you had more pride than that. and yes more pride than me coz i m a jealous coward beating under a chicken wing blah blah
 — unknown

A poet can use Unknown any time without shame, what's your problem with that?
 — unknown

"nothing". i wanted isabelle to respond and she did.
 — unknown

But you're right, I don't have to hide behind anything.  If you can hear my voice without my name, that means I am authentic.  
 — Isabelle5

But you're wrong about me responding.  I didn't, only that last one.  
 — Isabelle5

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