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...vision at then after sunset, I-95 corridor.

Paper black men puff with skeleton hands
and pelican stands strand the slithering interstates
and feathers in drops drape the landscape
amongst themselves in these sleepy crevasses.
Vapor-wrack den where the gelatin scans
of myriad bands pan the shivering interstates;
where feathers in drops drape the landscape
amongst themselves, we are the sleepy crevasses.

4 May 07

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If God gave me 1 50th of your sense of flow, I think that would suffice. That was like a verbal enema. Your rhythm is not just "good", it's like a pit viper. Tighter than a mosquito's ass. The imagery haunting. The substance you were on when lines that surreal hit you? May I ask? Whatever haze you're in when you think of these things, so be it, because you extract beauty unlike anything on here. Untouchable.
 — GoldenGirl

You've got to be kidding me with that flow of yours. The rhyming syllables match up with an almost mathematical precision, yet the sunset/after sunset stanzas are totally cogent.
The only thing that threw me at first was "gelatin scans pan the shivering interstates" because I didn't know what "gelatin scans" were. After googling it, they're those filters that go over the front of white stagelights for concerts and such to make different colors. The idea of them "panning a shivering interstate" in the night, oh god is that spooky and good. Like a faraway concert's tentacles seeking young pray...eerie. "Vapor-wrack den" meaning smoky and debauched? I've been through the rural corridor you're talking about for spring break once. I picture this outdoor amplitheatre set off the interstate a few hundred yards, bikers and wanderers and thieves, and the lights reaching out at the interstate for civilized pray on their way to Disneyworld ha! Maycraft do you have a website man? You're seriously a sick writer.
 — animalman

wtf! i just can't be bothered to disagree
 — unknown

What is it all about then?
 — unknown

LOL unknown
 — unknown

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