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Words are effective ways to
apparently neutralize
the sensations of uncertainty.
She dispersed herself
amongst a wide vocabulary.
Sometimes stretching
her polyestered syntax
a tad more to give
her neuroses
just a little more wiggle room.
I saw her once dressed in
a sari of exotic sentences
with a nervous belly
showing in between.
All centers are pending
perimeters and she
will never tell you.

arrest an elusive self in syntax and
         when it escapes
worship the words it left behind...


3 May 07

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This is interesting. Please explain the connection between borderline and language. You have used 'just' twice in ll 8 & 10 - I would remove the latter. The last 3 lines are magnificent!
 — JustineCH

thanks. removed the just, justine. this is about someone who has shifted the self from inner to outer, tilted her center towards the power of language as self control or integrity is vulnerable.
 — unknown

 — unknown

lines = borders = words = "control"
 — unknown

this is excellent, but I'm particularly drawn to your treatment of uncertainty,
which to me is tantamount to hope. It is certainty I fear. Someone once kicked me out of his life for believing that, but it still holds true for me.

Anyway, this poem brought back a Dramatic Moment of No Consequence and I thank you for that.
 — banditfemme

perimeters =borderlines

 — unknown

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