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we know full well

there is no knock behind this morning wood
only peeled wafer by shaved paper
did we construct these uncrossed hearts
and upon these hearts unlucky vowed
throw-down leaf by fall-apart lace
at our one allowed unraveling pace
to hope to die and die fragile
with fragile hung on tenterhooks
of my timid maybes and your feeble what-ifs
(despite many so-not-true mines
and come-what-may yours)
there could never be knock
beyond these woods
   all tender tinder
only damprot smell

too e.e. cummings huh?

3 May 07

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very obviously ee ...

great opening line
 — unknown

Thanks, I only had the first line in my head when I sat to write it.  But yiiiaa.. I guess I'll have to call it a tribute/exercise then and just leave it at that heh.  
 — sggunal

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