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At our worst

I told you I was excited to be starting  this new year with you and I meant it.
I mean most of what I say.
I'm avoiding being sweet and gearing towards honest.
I pound my hands on my desk, my legs, my chair while I think of the right words
Words to make you feel when my heart aches
To make you think when i shed tears
And I pound my hands on my desk, my arms, my feet while I think of the right words
to sound like i can articulate whats in my head at any given moment of the day
I constantly find myself thinking the thoughts
I had the last time I kissed you, the last time I sat next to you with you alert
sometimes its from weeks ago, three or four visits back and it comes back to mind
I replay moments in my mind, the moments where I'm smiling
The moments where you're at ease and wrap an arm around me
The moments where neither of us are anything but with each other
and the world can shatter for all we care
I find myself missing you at these moments, holding emotions back.
I told myself I was excited about starting this new year with you.
It was the truth.
It still is.
I can't think when I think about you.
I can hardly breath when I kiss you.
I mean most of what I say.

3 May 07

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you accomplished it, you were honest...
 — sShelled

It has great potential. Nice emotion. But try to make that into more flowing poetry. It seems  more like prose than anything
 — Gabriella

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