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The Spreadsheet Prophesies

Accelerated life is spent
from one nanosecond to the next,
in shorter latencies,
in fully loaded big cache sizes
burning in kilowatts
that are unable to melt
my static wage, hidden and secured
in super-cooled data centers.
My work hours are devoured
in air-conditioned offices
extending from this shift to the next
while the voice mail
gets clogged with messages
of "when are you coming home".
The phone's red LED blinks
unaware of the blood lanes getting stricter,
a speeding clot getting derailed,
and liter of red cells
pile up like colliding network packets.
The cost accountant stares at one cell:
his spreadsheet prophesies a job cut.

3 May 07

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Improved the linkages between the stanzas.
 — JoelJosol