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I wrote this because I was thinking of death, which is something very vain, but in a way also very calming and relaxing. I find that surpisingly think of it alot, but I was also thinking of the one person I love, and may never be with, and somehow about Angels and I pray to God every night, for my dream to come true, that I will be with him Forever (the title)

I am NOT emo or goth, though some of my very close friends say I am at times.....

I sit there, waiting.
Waiting and waiting.
Will I ever see him again?
I ask myself,
I ask myself Forever......
The sand tickles my toes,
As I trot along the beach.
The sun setting,
My favourite time of day,
The time of day Forever...
I cough as a cold blade,
Deletes my life for always.
I won't see him agian.
I tell myself the truth.
Which I knew all along,
All along Forever............
But I will,
Be watched by God, My lord.
And get to watch,
Over my love.
Watch over Forever.......
My name is Unknown.
My love is a Mystery.
I died painlessly,
As tears stained my cheeks,
Now stained Forever.....
To you, I am no one.
To Earth, I am their Angel.
Sworn to watch over,
As their Guardian...
Guarding Forever........
As my curse.
And my blessing,
By the one I kneel to
Pray to and worship.
Kneeling Forever........

2 May 07

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