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i was just typing what came to mind as opposed to thinking it ova first. i mean, if it's real poetry, it's gotta be raw....

There are certain things that certain people don't like to hear. like plain soccer moms only wanna know as much as how much their children will tell them while super-mom, otherwise known to us as the guardian from Hell, likes to pry little itty bits and pieces from under my eyebrow like i'm not allowed to raise it to think. and that is bullshit. then like those certain people, some certain people dont like to know, especially when it comes to *gasp!* the truth of things. just so as when you speak and the only thing that seems to come out is words and they are meaningless verbs and conjugations for those certain people who don't like to listen. (and i'm not pointing fingers...) but whoever casts the blame gets it, right? so tell me why no one seems to understand that when things happen there doesnt always have to be a scapegoat. i mean, even a little 15 year old sophomore can tell you that shit happens and that's the way life goes and the meaning of 'life' is 'to live' because that's the dictionary definition, ass. (that means donkey) and so on. but hey, why would one of those certain people wanna listen to me?

2 May 07

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