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You used to talk to me
Your stories filled the air
And I’d laugh in all the right places.
I could have used my tears
To count all the times
Where I didn’t get to say
That I loved you –
And those tears are still falling,
So each time on trails
Down my cheek,
I’m filling the void that the words wouldn’t have filled
Even if I had spoken them.
You used to show me things
I had never imagined –
Perfectly detailed model airplanes
That flew over microchip cities
And danced to the music
Of a violin made of gold.
Once when I was young,
You told me you’d never seen snow fall,
And I believed you
And tried to convince you
That if you came to our house
During the winter
And stood outside long enough,
You’d be able to dance
In the sparkling flurries.
Now as I look into your eyes –
I can see the snow again,
But this time it’s the digital,
Static snow of an old TV set;
And every time I cry
Tiny crystals flutter to the ground
To fill the void
That my silence
Could not.

this poem is about my grandfather who had a massive stroke in October.  the reference to model airplanes and microchip cities is talking about the model airplanes he would put together and his computer skills.  now most of the time he's totally unresponsive, although we think he can understand us when we speak to him.

2 May 07

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