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Sleep until tomorrow
The wind will come again
The leaves will fall tomorrow
And bless the ground again
Your eyes can see the distance
A blue and golden haze
Your mind can feel behind you
The trail of all your days
You can't remember your birth
And you can't conceive your death
You forget the days you've had
And wish you had more left
Sleep until tomorrow
Then you'll sail away
The leaves will fall tomorrow
and cover up the day

This poem was written while I was in a philosophical, and slightly depressed, mood. I was contemplating life, aging, human nature, and death, but in a peaceful way. This remains one of my favorite poems.

2 May 07

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A nice poem. Very lyrical, however the flow was interrupted in the 3rd quatrain which stopped it up a bit by the somewhat awkward change in rhythm.

I especially like the last quatrain. Beautiful wording.
 — xPandorax