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speaking in tongues

bitter water hugs stringy hair bordering
a half-moon of coconut shell.
45 words left, the rest
collected by leathery flesh and placed in a box in the grounds.
well and good for once to be rid of expression
after so many tiring generations of cadence spoken through mouthfuls and the sharp tongues of brazen youth;
of struggling to breath in those too young to remember it  all, throwing themselves in tantrums
against mothers catching their small fists like they were basket-trinkets careening off a shelf.
how different the ground form where it was taken.
how long until they forget to smile in the old way?
back when the river bottom was all that told us about ourselves, change,
and the roar of gigantic dragonflies above.

2 May 07

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you could avoid the akward of in line 2 with "a half-shell coconut moon"

otherwise there are a few too many modifiers here for my taste.
 — unknown

ok thanks, this is an early draft anyway.
 — Virgil