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Sunflower Dance

Of all sheltered nature
A Sunflower did bloom
Warmth and tender
My cheek only knew
Emit rays of radiance
Weather constantly attained
Let petals dance and ride
Smooth breezes of prairie  
Sun now high, too hot
Craving water for drink
Sip sip sip my precious
Oh, Petal to hand my sunflower
Now plunging and spiraling
Yellow petals to floor
“Hello tender wind and
Goodbye sweet perfume”
Don’t forget this time
Another year departed
Winter comes again
Oh no dear affectionate flower
I dread once more
Fault in these red hands
Losing you is similar to
Dropping a glass world
Terrified is this weather of mine
A year’s knowledge with
Previous years to learn,
Yet nothing changed
Sorry dear sweet
How tearful it is for us
A parade of petals for you
Tainted clear tears for me
Sad to say another time over
Next year perhaps
A year’s time to patch your petals
Hope I bloom

I'm sorry.

2 May 07

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