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A burning bliss away

To walk in a ground so soft,
(and feel the earth beneath your feet) and gaze at a sky so blue;
the air so pure, it runs right through you,
and look, at the trees far off.
Standing in the mist of a dark green forest,
moist after a cool rain, (as the drops fall from your finger tips)
performing a perfect picture frame,
with vivid smells of lively green, trees at rest with birds to sing.
Yet in a distance far away, the picture burns,
for fire and machines destroy my bliss
I leave my early good-bye kiss,
so it is of man today, mankind never learns!
So sad, so sad nature…
too bad, too bad… I’ll wager,
in hopes to save her,
that she, the forest will never become a stranger.

27 Apr 07

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Fine writing and a great atmosphere of a silent forest well created.It reminded me of a painting by Monet where the artist is painting a rural idyll but in the distance like a threat is a town with smoke curling up from a factory chimney.

Larry fate in the wind Lark
 — larrylark

Thanks for the comment, I tried to paint a clear picture. I think It could use some help... I'll keep working on it.
 — vida