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the camera smiles

kodak moment:
picket fence and green lawn
a girl made of nerve gas
in stockings and mary janes;
her boy with perfectly parted hair
and a kosher smile.
the arm disappearing behind
her waist suggests childish fingers
have found the back of her pleated skirt
to touch a fine-haired thigh.
another box of sepia photography.
the boy without his softer edges,
traded for faded fatigues.
he hunches alongside a dark korean woman;
it feels like the mute tones have sucked
the life from him but the smile
is still kosher.
the camera forgets his face
for months, years
distracted by a baby boy
who will grow up homosexual
and a girl that walks beneath
red lights in manhattan.
when the photos find him again,
he is staring from unfamiliar windows
with the rain pressing down,
shadows licking his face, empty-eyed
and i find the moment where the camera
took his soul and brought it home.

27 Apr 07

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Excellent poem
I'm not sure about L18 to 21, the stanza is like an appendage you don't really need
L28 a comma after moment?
and i find that moment where the camera
tok his soul and brought it home.

thanks for the read
 — unknown

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