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Stupid assignment for my English class, just thought I should post.

What is the opposite of light?
Feels like tar, it's oozing in, it causes friends to fight.
Sister bite at brother,
Mother leaving Father.
The opposite of intelligence?
In a word, I say ignorance.
Learn for yourself, keep moving on,
Don't allow others to use you, a pawn.
What is the opposite of sorrow?
Perhaps the knowledge there is a tomorrow.

26 Apr 07

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what was the assignment?
 — unknown

The assignment was to write three poems. Each had to begin with "What is the opposite of..." or "The oppisite of..." <--(could be posed as a question or a statement). One could be two lines, at least two had to be four lines. The first and second lines had to rhyme, and the third and fourth had to rhyme.
 — unknown

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