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The Short List

The author isn’t paid,
but a list is being made
It’s being etched in stone
and made with blood and bone
The subject matter clouds
and certain misty shrouds
It’s consistent as the moon
as seen in afternoon
And no one seems to know
how long this list will go
But everyone is sure
this list is quite obscure
And the clouds they won’t take favors
but come in many flavors
And those that make it on the list,
can count themselves among the bless’d.

26 Apr 07

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... those that make it on the list/can count themselves among the bless'd

although the two final lines are frightfully wordy they're the only meat here,  the rest is saying a lot to say nothing at all, and there is quite a lot to be made of how authors do actually get on shortlists, recommended lists and the like.
 — unknown

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