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"alone in a dangerous world"

“Alone in a Dangerous World”
All alone, trapped in a world of despair, suffering, and constant angry voices,
This girl, named Faith, never stops giving up hope or making good choices.
She praises her Lord every day for still being alive,
For in her particular type of world, it is rare that you survive.
There is never any food on the table, nor clothes that have been washed,
So when the other girls make fun of her, she feels trampled, saddened and squashed.
Certainly there are no fancy music players, two click gadgets or even simple hugs,
Her mother and father are too busy drinking and doing the drugs.
The car engine stops, and doors slam open in a raging rush,
There is no turning back, or else they will be hurled angrily into a corner and crushed.
Saying the Lord’s Prayer over and over in her mind, Faith tries to hide by the stove.
Her little brother Jackson is hiding by the bedroom, in a small alcove.
A scream from her brother is heard, and blood is visible on his back.
He bends over forward, though they are both used to the attacks.
Bruises on his leg, cuts up her wrist,
They feel so worthless, and from the wrath of their father, is what they try and resist.
A couple of long years later, CPS came and these innocent children were put into a safe home.
Never once did these well mannered kids whine, cry or moan.
The past is unwoven by police, and their parents are in jail.
Their father is in longer though, for trying to put the mother up for sale.
Faith has kept strong, and is now a senior at U of L,
Thankfully to the community of her neighborhood, who got her and Jackson out of that Hell.
Jackson is a sophomore at UK, and he stays away from the drinking, drugs and pain,
Because he saw how his parents morphed, and how he watched them become insane.
This really sad story just goes to really show,
That even when the going gets tough, at the end of the tunnel there will be a light; a glow.
Get help if you need it, and always be strong,
Because you just never know when it will be the end of your song.

*realiistiic fiictiion;; anyy feedback would be appreciiatedd! thankss. :]

26 Apr 07

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