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This was written as a joke. I claimed to my friend, who is fluent in French, that I could babble French-sounding syllables and it would mean something. So, we made a poem from my random ramblings and his interpretation, and this was the outcome. The title of "Democracy" was for a cheesy, dramatic effect. To all those who speak French, this is grammatically incorrect and messy, I know. It was just all in good fun.

On sainte du point.
Vetu sait, vetu seau.
Va si ma teau vu.
Du ça! Du ça! Du ça!
On saint from the bridge.
Worn knowledge, worn soul.
Did you run?
Go if my skin has seen.
From that! From that! From that!

26 Apr 07

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i love it.
 — bear

tis fun
 — PollyReg

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