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hazards of precocious empiricism

Each area of your body  
has a different number  
of neurons. Thus, each  
zone has a different  
threshold by which  
it will be aroused.  
That was all he learned  
today. Everything that  
followed was marginalized  
by this amazing fact.  
He sat outstretched  
on the bathroom floor  
sliding year book pictures  
back and forth along  
his skin concluding  
that true love must  
either be not for him  
or originate from  
another privileged  

25 Apr 07

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Very nice.  Thank you for having him do something unexpected in the bathroom!  I was expecting something else and not looking forward to it.  
 — Isabelle5

 — unknown

nice poem.
 — varun

only, the ambiguity and the nature of plurality of 'book pictures' is too abstract for this.
 — varun

true story.
 — unknown

did he slide pics on his balls?
 — unknown

must have had pics of isabelle
 — unknown

 — unknown

consider 'sliding' in the previous line.
 — varun

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