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this is the title. its purpose is to tell you what the poem is about.

this is a poem. it is designed to provoke your thoughts. it is intended for you to read and to feel each word and phrase inside of you. this can be acheived either through the use of poetic techniques such as metaphors or alliteration, or through unorthodox punctuation or phrases. there is no colour with a poem. this poem does not rhyme. not all poems have to rhyme. there will be someone who likes this poem as there is a style of writing for everyone. this poem is written for no-one in particular, and has no specific dedication attached to it. not all poetry is real. imagination is an essential part of poetry. as is originality. this poem has a very rigid form. a stream of consciousness style of writing and it does not detract from this intention. poetry can have verses, or it can be unstructured on a page without any set verse. poetry does not have to contain real words and can be filled full of suskulwhats and floonistals. this poem is not that long, but it could be up to two hundred lines or as short as one.  poetry can be about anything. poetry can be about nothing. poetry can be none of the above. this is not a poem.

this is the footnote. its purpose is to follow the poem and present any after thoughts, not necesarily mentioned in the poem. as an option, it can also appear as the header. this is an optional extra and is not included on all poems. a footnote can be none of the above. this is not a footnote.

19 Apr 07

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this poem feels longer than it actually is. can't say i enjoyed reading it, because there are better ways to be ironic or meta-poetic than just by being prosaic. like you said, it requires imagination and originality.

but, as the last line says, this isn't poetry.
 — Virgil

this is based loosly on an XTC album cover - it is meant to highlight the depths to which people go with their poetry. it is meant to read this way.

i am glad i conveyed it.
 — unknown

http://poetry.tetto.o rg/read/38533/
 — unknown

quite clever in reducing everything to its basics. could do with more substance though.
 — unknown

yeh definately an interesting dissection and literal layout

i like flights of fancy and creative experiments with words that arent always as plain and obvious as some of the content here suggests what a poem is.

though on the whole this is observed well - but reminds me of a preface to a school How To Write Poetry book

 — Mongrol

thanks mongrol - it is intended in a way to be a "how to write poetry bok" for highschoolers as you put it - but on the whole, it represents something else.
 — unknown

i see - yes though obviously the representation of the 'something' else may be a metaphor - this is such a broad brush you paint with (with a good hand i have to say) there are quite a few 'human conditions' this could be applied too :)

of course it may well just be something very personal to yourself

 — Mongrol

not necessarily a personal thing. i don't really want to say. but it is a critique of sorts almost. amongst other things.
 — unknown

no of course dont say anything - i dont like to have poems demystified as it is :)

but yes i appreciate the critique focus in this piece most definately
 — Mongrol

the 'demystification' of a poem would essentially read as the above reads - a simple list of what would normally be in the poem. in a sense, the mysticism of this maybe lies in its demysticism.
 — unknown

This is not a poem, not the way I interpret poetry.  You nailed that in line - last.
 — Isabelle5

Isabelle, interpretation is a beautiful thing. may i refer you to some of the other poems written here. n+1 maybe? or run script (fucking run)? all styles that are different.

poetry can be seen as one thing? or another? you surely don't like all forms of art do you? otherwise what a bland world it would be.
 — unknown

When did a run-on stream of consciousness become "poetry?"  Not every smudge on a blank page is art, not every jumble of words on a page is poetry.

Yes, it is subjective.  There are those who will call this brilliant.  I'm not one of them but don't let that stop you.

This is only a creative writing exercise, in my view.  Not a poem by a long shot.
 — Isabelle5

i respect your opinion - i understand all of those who will not like this - i understand why there would be some who do like this.

it is good you don't like it, and don't appreciate it. it gives me some clarity that there is some form of individuality out there.

 — unknown

> the mysticism of this maybe lies in its demysticism.

now that i do like
 — Mongrol

I wish I knew who the author was, only so I would know if this is some kind of 'exercise' or if this is the normal kind of poetry that is written by his/her hand.

I have nothing against originality in poetry but this goes way beyond being original, in to being only words on a page.  Could you perhaps be confusing originality with writers block?  This is not something most people would read over and over, finding anything in it to relate to.  I question what the point is.  If there is no point, if it was only to have something to post, something you feel is cute and clever, I'll try to understand that.  If it is something you believe expresses your own artistry, fine, but I don't believe this is at all for the reader, only for the poet to feel some kind of power.  

Just being original does not make something good.  
 — Isabelle5

i am disappointed
at the lack of bees
in this poem. i am
also disappointed at the misspelling
of metaphors. i am, however
happy to tell you that i could read this thingy
over and over and over again...
 — chuckles

Isabelle, I agree intently with you. originality is something that needs flavour and spice so to speak. however, not all of us have the same taste buds.

this isn't the normal type of thing i write, but you raise an important point within your comment:
"in to being only words on a page." all poetry is, is words on a page up until someone says that it is poetry. some even consider Marlowe to have not written poetry, but simple scawls on a page. art and poetry (unfortunately) can be anything. it's expression and its point is what defines a poem. i don't expect people to read this over and over again. this is est out to simply make a point.

writers block is a condtion that does not plague any writer. i is a psychological wall. you can still write. is this original? is this fake? is this pointless? is this anything? i am likely to get about 4 or 5 different answers from each of these questions.

With regards Isabelle,
 — unknown

>> the mysticism of this maybe lies in its demysticism.
>now that i do like

mongrol, we'll never know the answer.
 — unknown

chuckles, there are bees in this poem. you just aren't looking hard enough.

i replaced the spelling mistake. my apologies.

thank you.

 — unknown

I really only want to know what prompted you to write this.  Since it makes absolutely no point to me, is there a real point for you, besides making the reader wonder what's up?  
 — Isabelle5

there are 7 little ones, but they are
near inaudible.
line "6" is where a bumblebee should be...
but i think it went around back of the non-poem.
also, your non-footnote footnote necessary
i noticed.
 — chuckles

Wait, I was wondering if you wrote this and then thought of things you wanted it to question or did you think of things you wanted readers to think about and then wrote it?  
 — Isabelle5

this, on the surface gives each sections purpose and use to the reader, what is to be expected and what is to be written within it. it exposes how ultimately useless each expectancy is. it is a contradiction of itself. it isn't a poem. because it doesn't conform to the rules that it sets out in order to be a poem. it demonstrates that each part of its content, its footnote and its title has became an empty immitation, a carbon copy of the 'rules' of poetry. its purpose may not be clear to you. its purpose is clear to me however. it is this difference that defines our writing and our thinking.
for that reason, i thank you for not liking or understanding this.
 — unknown

with regards to your second question, i wrote this with its purpose from the start. the questions, ideas and thought were in place from the start,
 — unknown

Well, I guess as long as this served your purposes, you can be content.  I don't know how to think this way so I'll just be perplexed from a good distance.

 — Isabelle5

thank you Isabelle.
 — unknown

i like XTC
 — unknown

Something like this would be cool if you used bigger words, syllables and sounds that sound alike, and made it more grammatically correct.
The footnote really made me laugh! Where's the introduction? ;-)
 — BrideInBlack

it wouldn't be a header even if i made it one.

this is not a comment.

 — unknown

this isn't?
 — unknown

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