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Poetry Critical Vraiment

Middle-aged American is what I am,
crazy ‘bout a woman cross the border named Sam.
In love with words for a 40 year span.
Ben in his Booth watchin’ everyone scam.
Site’s been down.  (Is that Kardiac laughter?!)
Blame it on the boss, hidin’ in the Rafter.
BloodDrips down on the poetry crafter,
a little Badgering, a little critique after.
Root of the problem, as everyone knows,
Nose gets out of joint; that’s the way it goes.
Get a little Jaded, start steppin’ on toes.
They’ll Rob you of your pride, say your poetry blows.
Some walk out, OldShoes flappin’.
Smart ones ride it, hurt ones scrappin.’
Unknowns giggle; watch the damage happen.
Throw them a Quid; watch the doggies start lappin’.

5 Dec 03

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LOL - love this! Excellent wording!

btw - I'm crazy 'bout you too. -Sam
 — unknown

very nice
 — unknown

For non French speakers (which I mostly am, also), "por de vrai" means "for real."
 — Isabelle5

this is the greatest poem to ever commemorate a server outage
 — rafter

actually, "por de vrai" means nothing in french. "por" is not a french word. (perhaps you're thinking of "pour"?) "de vrai" would mean "of true," which makes no sense. to say "for real"... well, it's not easily translated; probably your best bet would be to call the poem "Poetry Critical, Vraiment" ("truly") if you really want to use french.
 — unknown

this made me laugh; nice work isabelle
 — root

lol. brilliant.
 — BlueNymph

i feel so left out...
 — onklcrispy

No Kreme for Unkle Krispy. So very tragic.
 — unknown

I didn't mean to leave anyone out! It's hard to find things that rhyme with all the special names. Someone else try!
 — Isabelle5

A delectable city for Davezilla?
 — unknown

mmm tragic kreme.
 — onklcrispy

*cries* lol
 — Ananke

Isabelle, you made me smile--thank you for the appropriate light touch here. I love it! But can you do something about OC? We need another stanza--Have him peeling potatoes...
 — rob

Simply put; What a woman!<----Badger
 — unknown

aww, i feel left out too, it's cool.
 — done

what a lovely random thing
its like history with loads'a tragic kreme
 — unknown

You left out all the good poets.
 — ersaph


*slinks away sheepishly and pees on the floor*

 — unknown

Hehe..this is cool Isabelle.
 — unknown

hmm...i'm not feeling it
 — unknown

Morty laughed when he read this one, he said  “Poetry Critical, C’etait vraiment saluad de faire ca”
 — unknown



 — Bloodfetish

I aspire to have my name on this poem one day, up with the great poets of this site. Oh, how I dream...
 — Lia

lol cute
 — Lilac

Hahaha!! I am really surprised that you wrote this, because some of your comments kind of hurt my feelings, but hey like you said "nose gets out of joint that's the way it goes..." But truely, I love it! It's fun and it's got rhythm and attitude and obviously you've been workshopping here a while so I guess you've heard and read quite a bit of all sides!  Right on! This site totally needs poems like this one to loosen everyone up! I don't think anyone should feel left out, I get the idea that it's all about the experience, and most people are someof these things some of the time. I am only a couple of weeks at the site , but am I right Isabella??
Cheers guys chins up!  
 — Riverwriter2

I don't know if you new poets understand this.  These are all names of poets.  Nose and Sam and Rafter, OldShoes, Quiddity, Jade, Rob, Root (bow, please), Badger, Blood Drips, Kardiac, Benbooth...all loved and missed.

I'm sort of partial to guys, personally...*..^
 — Isabelle5

 — fahrenheit

HAHAHAHA!  Boy, this takes me back to my first year on this site.  We fought and played and got on each other's nerves.  Sort of like it is today...imc
 — Isabelle5

wow. surpprising this is coming from Isabelle ... well i m sure u r a keen observer on PC . and nice try to bring the rhyming genre back. Lovely funny poem.
 — trochee

I get the idea that no one thinks I have a sense of humor...I do!  
 — Isabelle5

after reading this ... me too.
 — trochee

Wonderful poem. I love it.
 — MelissaK

Instead, I will let a moderator lick YOU!  
 — Isabelle5

Isabelle, have you received the emails I sent you today?

 — unknown

Hi, Sam.  Yes, I did, I responded to both of them.  Love the pics!  
 — Isabelle5

I'm not getting your emails. Try again will you please? Thanks.
 — unknown

Anything you want, Baby!  hahaha  That's what Julie says to my son!
 — Isabelle5

Sam, I replied again but it could be our server.  I got a letter from my daughter this morning and she sent it at noon yesterday.  Imc
 — Isabelle5

Wow, Isabelle, this is by you? You surpassed yourself with this, it's effin fabulous. I am really impressed at this because it is so witty and true and it is not your usual style either. Eleven if possible. Thank you for posting this, it made my night. Well done. Love it, absolutely love it.
 — marieF

Marie, thank you!  That's funny because in person, I am always witty and fun, it does not show that much here, does it?  Obviously!  I went in to my poems this afternoon at lunch and changed all mine that hid under Unknown to my name.  I think a lot of them would shock people to know they were mine but aren't we all multi-layered?  Have a good night!
 — Isabelle5

No, you are witty, very quick with a reply when needed sometimes on here as well.  I meant the poem is impressive with the wit it carries. I like your other poems too, I just thought, credit where it's due,as you have used a different style and perfected it instantly.
Thanks for your recent 8!
 — marieF

You earned it, Poet Friend.
 — Isabelle5

You're an obviously stupid person who knows nothing about poetry OR manners.

Calling any of the poets here a bitch is not helpful to the community.  
 — Isabelle5

I want to lick Isabelle's whole body. She is super sexy. She is great poet too. And outdid herself with this one.
 — unknown

Stop with the licking, already!!!!!  Thank you for liking the poem but it's getting to where I think of this poem as long, sticky tongues!  
 — Isabelle5

Let me lick you and then I will stop.
 — unknown

I'm so glad that the moderators are watchin' over now.  It's an awesome thing.  Okay...here's some love from one of your many other "male" friends...
This is absolutely hilarious and well written.  It's playful and it's "DA REAL" deal as far as P.C. is concerned.  Are you aware of the same sound from L9-L10 with knows & nose?  Not a biggie.  Old Crows rhymes with either one, but we won't go there will we, my sweet and loving poetry buddette on the opposite coast?  Heehee.  You go, girl!  Let's take this one to the top where it belongs!
 — starr

Thank you, Starry man.  Let me consider changing line 9 a teense.  This is so old, though.  I usually 'set them in stone' after a certain point.

 — Isabelle5

I'd let you cut my balls off if you would just let me lick you whole sexxy body.
 — unknown


 — aurelius

 — unknown

You really needed to have been around 4 years ago when all these poets were still here and posting hard.  It must be tough for newbies to understand.
 — Isabelle5

I don't like these newbies. I like the ones three years ago. Where did they go?
 — unknown

is there no one smart enough to ride it these days? i'd love to see an update.
 — unknown

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