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SlaughterHouse (r.i.p. Kurt Vonnegut jr.)

the pilgrim is dead
in a meat locker  
under the bombs
captured by time
under the rubble
scouting in circles
all this happened
more or less
in the past
and the future
in a cage
on display
in front of a gun
in the present
dreaming true things
if the accident will
bring the pilgrim
to his own death,
under the rubble,
pounded to dust,
for the child's crusade.

r.i.p Kurt

12 Apr 07

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I'm reading that book now.
 — Rixes

it's a must have in any library imo :) -  a great book by a great author
 — Mongrol

One of my favourite books is "The Sirens of Titan". I felt like I knew KV, I felt like he was my friend. This would be a good epitaph, minus the dashes.
 — wendz

epitaph is right
 — humblebee

ok ill try it without the dashes - commas instead?
 — Mongrol

This is so sweet - I love that someone did this.  What an amazing author.  
 — WordsAndMe

thank you Words - all respects to an even greater author, one whom i could not even begin to emulate
 — Mongrol

i walked into my english class today and saw "rip kurt vonnegut" and something else and i had no idea what it meant and now i see your poem then i googled and realized he was a writer that died yesterday...well..yea..ive never read any of his work mabye i will...good poem though
 — infinity

thanks infinity :)
 — Mongrol

 — jumpoline


nice how you get the three *discrete* tenses in here and work them.
 — banditfemme

thats what i commented on one of the threads too..
this is an apt for a persoanlity like Kurt.
thnx Mongrol.
 — trochee

*this is apt*
 — trochee

thank you for all your welcome comments - Kurt was an inspiration from when i was quite young, his work allowed my brain to think in ways it may not have been able to consider on its own.

a master.

 — Mongrol

not so bad writing and way better than kurt could ever do... if it weren't for fresh young things, kurt would have died 30 years ago. if he could have read this, maybe he'd have let you mow his lawn.
 — unknown

hehe.. mow Kurts lawn ? yeh id have loved that totally
 — Mongrol

skip divers with skummed playmates, barmaids counting us as shillings, young bright-eyed wordies stepping into the public loo for that first spectral exposure: "Poetry Critical".

vonnigut was a hack, but his readership needed simple-mindedness cause they couldn't read a fucking book by themselves.

i hate it when the people here whom i admire turn into slobbering retards.
 — unknown

i got the bit about Vonnegut being a hack - but the rest didnt make much sense really...

comment seemed a bit Morish - toilet reference and all ...

still.. hack or not - i loved his work, your opinion has been noted and filed.

 — Mongrol

I miss Kurt too but this doesn't work for me. Maybe with the slaughterhouse five reference I expected to see a stronger reference to falling out of time. My own prejudice! lol. Thanks for posting
 — Trish77

This is a great poem, it is about Dresden I think, and about Kurt's experiences there?
 — azure