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Son Hit In School Corridoor.

It was dark at the heart of a dim corridor
when you struck me down. Actually it was my son you hit,
but like father like son, I felt the blow as it slowed me to a stop,
taking the sail out of my solar plexus, throttling my oesophagus.
You hit my boy so hard that I fell like a tree, logs sawn off,
branches tossed to the breeze. Yet your blow confirmed love
that has swelled into such fruit, deeper than raging seas or an ocean,
as I came alive in his life and raising up embraced both myself and him;
my ingenuously grinning lovely boy who self regarding, gazed upon
his swollen lip and purpling eye, and lamented
how it made him seem unhip.

7 Apr 07

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Awesome, I'm not very good at poetry, but I've been going through alot of theese poems and I really like this one. It stands out as not overdramatic, and has a real emotion to it. People, its best to write about things you actually feel strongly about, things just turn out better that way. This is a good example of one. Good message, alittle unclear, like I had to read through it twice, but overall, impressive.
 — Spencer51320

nice work. another great poem, man. you've done it well.
 — listen

i really like the end of line two and the beginning of line three. that is my favorite part in here.
 — listen

Hi Spencer

There are many people in the world who are inarticulate and carrying a lot of anger. My son was in the wrong place at the wrong time .

 — larrylark

Dear Listen,

Sometimes boys will be boys and it isn't very pleasant.
 — larrylark

You're a gooey centre inside a chocolate, I've decided. I like the first two lines best, and line five too.
 — wendz