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need wind
sun light
tight skin
old face
board ship
find land

29 Mar 07

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must be about rats
 — unknown

I am just not understanding, Stout. I like the two two, two two, two two thing -
but the meaning of this poem is lost on me.

Maybe about pirates or possibly rats? (unknown I don't know how you got rats)


Explain? Elaborate?

 — unknown

Its about finding a new home.
 — unknown

What are you going for here?  It doesn't sound like slumber even slightly.  An old pirate, a person stuck on an island for years...
 — Isabelle5

not meant to sound like slumber. it is the recollection of a musing moment whilst in slumber. musing about Pedro Alavarez Cabral. so yes rats and pirates.
 — stout

Come on, Poet, you do not give enough information in this poem or Big Man for us to make sense of things.
 — Isabelle5

nice poem
 — varun

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