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related to the hour-late comeback

i was going to ask him that day
but then
i was going to ask him everyday of that week
but then
my life has a tendency to absorb.
i didn't ask
he never knew
he still thinks my name is georgia
and he could still be perfect.

29 Mar 07

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nice little piece, ha.
would get rid of that 'so'...
 — varun

you're right. something was wrong and i just couldn't pick it. thanks v.
 — unknown

Short. Sweet. Ace. Nine.
 — karmic

why that lone fullstop?

 — unknown

full-stop are better without this poem is better without them
 — varun

 — varun

short and sweet, a really like this one
 — grahmike

there are two full stops varun, after the closure of each stanza...should i rid myself of both?
 — unknown

Nidely turned out poem.
 — larrylark

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