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The Christian Life

Happy, white school buses parked next to barn-like chapels of God--this is the Christian life.
Missionary trips to rural Nebraska--a house, a fence post for an Indian--"Reparations?  How 'bout a shitter, instead?" --this is the Christian life.
Re/deprogramming for whores and for fags--the merciful face of the door given to the unwanted, pregnant daughter--this is the Christian life.
Bombs for babies--sweet, honest fools paying the Man for his murders--blood, our commode, our blessed bath--this is the Christian life.
A Bible Belt tanning your ass by the hand of a faceless old fuck that beats his chillins', neglects his wife, screws him some livestock, and breathes from the bottle--this is the Christian life.
The Word of God is between the lines of the myriad dreams of drug addicted angels, written in sweet, longhand novellas about Gaia's fucked up brood--this is the Christian life.
Hark, a beat old baptizer told you so--this, the Son of Man, walks to school with a talking cloud.
This is the Christian life.

27 Mar 07

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