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raped by an angel

hello darling
don't scream don't scream
    he says
there's more to it than you know
golden angel come to rape me
guess I should be used to it
by now
bright light washes over my skin
while you tear into me
tumultuous rage spills from my pores
messenger of God
disciple of filth
you try to take care of me
wash me off
bundle me up
croon Heaven-sent lullabies
I can finally put a name to
what I see in your eyes
every time
you think I can save you
Satan and I laugh at the irony

27 Mar 07

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oh my gosh i love this. especially the last line. geez..this is a really good poem.
 — miss_minx

Hmm...interesting enough but it seemed to ramble, much like I am known to do sometimes. Work on it, and it some day may be liked by Edgar Allan Poe. He is the ultimate critic. Where is JustineCh by the way? 6/10
 — Henry

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