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The Bicycle

The first bike of my very own
was a Huffy that my dad brought home
from the local impound auction
of stolen, lost and unclaimed bikes.
It was 1963. One bike, ten bucks
in a year that did not pay my father much.
The bike was sound; its shine, was not.
The best part was, we went that day
to the hobby shop to find the color
to renew the bike.
We agreed on 3 oz. spray
cans of Candy Apple Red.
I helped him with the masking.
Our paint job was outstanding;
have been fond of candy apple ever since.
The bike served well for two years till
I left it unattended;
stolen once. Again
I wonder, then who got it next?
I should check with the police
auction here to find my bike.
I'll know it by the color, ruby
unique in all the world.
I miss the bike, yet even so
I miss a dad much more.

27 Mar 07

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