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dream's disillusionment

Velvety murkiness engulfs the room,
swallowing it in unsearchable shadows
sprawled across the bed, sleepless eyes
staring at fan blades chase one another
cool sheets glide against restless legs
wide awake and bathed in an icy sweat, pulse pounding
washed over by a wave of emotion
overwhelming yet elusive, unidentifiable
slipping beneath the spectral surface of consciousness
still too tangible to push away
the hazy remembrance of reverie
still fogging up thoughts
with the convergence of its fluidity
and grey incoherence
struggling to wipe clean the slate of the mind  
drowning in unfathomable depths and
still smeared with a lack of clarity,
dreary eyes dim and close once more
to swim back out to the sea of dreams,
away from the shoreline of lucidity
flooded with a feeling of
abstruse anonymity and acceptance
of the absurdity of fear of the unknown

26 Mar 07

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