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beer can make you rite

the children of the cornball
comedy of errors found on my
hard driving fast living it up
to my eyeballs and strikes
midnight turns into a pumpkin
pie in the sky here's mud in your
coffee mug for the cameras rolling
thunder thighs and boneless breasts
implants into memories of pain when
i grimaced hamburglar rubblerubble
take those flintstones multitasking
be complex be active buzzing
in the background noise white betty
crockett and tubs of butter i can't
believe you just said that that's
the way uh huh i like it alot
now get me another beer please

26 Mar 07

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That was fun.
 — trafalgore

i knew this was you,

ur gobbledegook is always so intelligent.
 — unknown

that was cool, i like line 16
 — unknown

hahaha good time by all, eh?
that's all I have to say
and that's enough.
 — unknown