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festering with insomnia from vitamin A deficiency, my bedtime-self feels like it's ending slowly, dissolving back into bed's alien curves with the leaky faucet of sunlight taped upside-down over our foreheads, trying to recall whether we are the same it.
i thought i heard (i wanted to) a bird crying, perhaps in mourning for the snooze button who already left to work as a caffeine fairy at the diner blaring a.m. modern country radio like the hour of the beast had (once again) come for a fix of made-in-china pop tarts with design-it-yourself icing it'd add (had it said zero calories).
it wanted the most YouTube hits so it became the fat girl, a fact i still lose sleep over, how it sucks up self-satisfactory judgment like phosphate-free zeolite-A detergent burnishing its Limp Bizkit Sucks patch from Spencer's that i saw once in a soft-core nazi gay pornflick.
whispering, hoarse, you don't like me, do you? before i could say, of course not, i drowned in the sink from hard water, then the tape of the sunset drowned, then the sunset drowned, and after being reduced to cadaverine by the noiseless blue garberator you wouldn't even know was there, the algae-choked rivers of resigned paradise take me into nothing's arms like a child.

26 Mar 07

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 — chuckles

*teehee, cute attempt* or *teehee, that was alright* ?
 — unknown

the latter.
teehee means alright
*teehee* means enjoyed muchly...
 — chuckles

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