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soft prayer ascend
to blazing heavens
as if risen awkward
to trail through dawn's
shadey fog
it rotates beyond pure
as the glide practises
on its havoc night
parting dawn's clover
sweet bee fest and feast
lost in raw nerves
of fire like that
extreme bench upheld
no sorrowful wrong
but answers alive
and it quoted angel
saying "you are quick"
and into the colour of need
the past trims the rough
the mansion figures
all blissful antics
despite a void not empty

26 Mar 07

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Another attempt at no punctuation.

Another failure, in my opinion.

Line 1 - soft prayer ascends or soft prayers ascend - choose one.  The way you have it is not correct.
What does 'rotates beyond pure' mean?

This is a little obscure, a lot of emotion and words without a clear point to focus on.
 — Isabelle5

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