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An Elf Named Nick

My second and last ditty regarding the term "Nicknack"

There was an Elf whose name was Nick
He had a nack it was a trick
He'd charm his way into your heart
Then leave  at night when it was dark
He did this once unto a lass
Who put a spell on nicks low class
So when he tried his trick again
He turned to stone and not a gem
She put him up upon a shelf
With other things that have no wealth
Now all that own this little man
Knows just now where  this elf does stand

24 Mar 07

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thank go this is the last one.
 — unknown

This story was really cute; it really made me laugh and had an Irish fairy tale feel to it. The rhyming did seem forced, though, especially in line 2. I think this piece would still flow nice if not ALL the lines rhymed. You could do loose rhymes or just "get lazy" and go a few lines without rhyming.
 — BrideInBlack

Rather cute until the last stanza which is a bit lame. Must go read about Nack.
 — unknown

i wouldn't mind these poems so much if the rhyming wasn't forced...but it is and they're really hard to read without stumbling...plus theres not much thought behind them
 — unknown

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