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Age:Mind over Matter, if you dont mind, it doesnt matter.

8/26/06 - written for someone i hadnt yet met...

Years between us, neither mind
We both agree, it’s what’s inside.
Our hearts and souls have intertwined
Across space, throughout time.
Destiny will decide our future
Fate controls how far we venture.
Whether friendship, love or lust
We’ll follow our path, do what we must,
But dreaming of you, it calms my soul
You’ve enlightened me, opened my eyes ten-fold,
Showed me the way, the path of light,
Guided me to the strength inside.
I wish I could do the same for you
But everything I say is true
You’ve changed my world, saved me from myself
I only hope I’ve helped you through this hell
Showed you the beauty that shines from within
Love must be the eighth deadly sin
The miles that separate us might as well be endlessly apart
Someday we’ll be together; I know it in my heart
Together forever, mind body and soul
We’ll live for each other, stoke the coals
Our souls will shine, brighter, hotter than an inferno
We’ll keep each other going, through heaven, earth, and hell
Together we’ll dance the silent dance, until the final toll of our death bell

24 Mar 07

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