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Jordan's Lullaby

I hope this pleases you

His tight grasp squeezes my
chipped black nail polished pinkie.
Heavy breathing escapes his small mouth
and re-enters from his nostrils.
Sucked-on pacifiers and warm blankets
surround this new born body as
his mind forgets the many smiling old
womens' faces.
Drifting off to a sea of music notes
and sea-foamed waves of chords
but I tend to get the harmonies mixed.
So much hope lies in this grasp.
Oh, how much I wish for muddy Converse
prints on white tile, grass stained jeans,
and tight goodbye hugs.
Sleep overcomes me before
I allow him to fall into his crib.
We lie there, head against head
Breathing in and out
erasing the old women smiles.

23 Mar 07

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is this a sibling love or a parent love for the boy? just wait until he grows up...i give it three years...
 — unknown