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About Hunger

can you believe this?
twenty years ago
that was me.
listen: it pierces
the walls-
she mourns for
a needed rest, or food-
where I had done the same
knowing each perfect moan
what it meant
and how to place it.
I wish our lives were totally
but it's clear
this kid rides on the
Malt-O-Meal train,
pumping corn syrup gas
and glutamic antifreeze,
with soy formula oil
smoking out manganese-
Please, tell me to
shut the hell up
about hunger!
yes. tell me, do-
but take a sec
to compare both babes
and listen as each month
of that twenty years passes
through your mind;
and tell me
with all conviction
to please
the fuck up
about hunger!
That famished scream-
it doesn't need help
to drill through your skin
and remind you of enzymes,
protein, taste, moisture
-actually eating food!-
  they have an illusion  
of healthy weight
from ersatz vitamins
and retaining like mad
a random cup of water.
and yet, I remember now-
you were supposed to remind me
to settle the parentage
of that really wealthy
on that really sunny island
in one of those casas-
you know the ones
where the view from the porch
is expensive?

23 Mar 07

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Engaging, fluid, well paced, tone feels right. I'm not accessing, I'm ignorant of the food culture, but there's still plenty to interest. I like the biology of words like 'enzymes' and 'protein'.

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