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my imagination works overtime
running me ragged
making mountains out of speed bumps
set in place only to try
to slow me
but they don’t
I use them
just to catch more air
yea, it’s up hill, baby
both ways
you make it like that
It’s tiring as hell
climbing over the walls of your opaque construct
when you could just untrap the trapped door
let me walk in
like I own it
instead of letting me beg
But you wont
so I creep around to the back
looking for another way in
I am not a thief
but I can pick a lock with my eyes
if I have to
That snake-oil salesman’s voice of yours
still in my head
comes slitheringout
oozing charm
from behind a hiding place where you never have to tell the truth
or show your face
you are dripping all over
filling up the space you created between us
with greasy well-used
but I can slide on that slick
Because it’s me who's used to doing the skating

23 Mar 07

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your poetry is fun to read mish lush.
 — varun

line 22-
would you consider:

'i am no thief'

also, the repetition of 'i' in 22-24 might be too much for some. and this 'some' might include me. but i'm not in that mood today.

would you consider breaking line 29 at 'where', so 'you....truth' is in its own line?

 — varun