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I am from the inviting red monkeybars,
from swingings and whooping and glee.
I am from the squeaking sneakers,
as they run the wrong way
up the looming green mountain, that is the slide.
I am the juice stain,
the lone patch of purple,
found on a white cotton shirt.
I am from the giggle and smiles this stain induced.
I am from beachballs, sandcastles and seagulls,
from the gentle chrashing of waves upon the sand.
I'm from the reflezxion of light off the water,
from the warmth of sand on bare skin.
I am from the percussion of the bongo-man
living to his own beat.
I'm from the scent of newly baked cookies
flowwingly lazily with the breeze.
From the barefeet
happily trampling over
freshly cut grass and cool wood floors.
Frome singing voices,
blissfull and joyous
and obliviously off-key.
I am from all of these moments
and yet more still untold.

22 Mar 07

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